Club MUSÉE Madrid

Club MUSÉE is Madrid’s fresh take on what night clubs could be — a combination art gallery and night club, but both with a sharp, trendy edge. Designed by creative director and designer Parolio of Madrid’s Parolio & Euphoria Lab the space provides a strong back-drop for powerful art. At Club MUSÉE black glass and mirrors, bright-colored sculptural furniture and a three-meter-wide  LED video screen create a visual challenge for the artists’ work that ranges from paintings to video art and other  installations.

The work of upcoming photography and illustration talent is currently on display from photographer Robert Bartholot from Berlin,  Paco Peregrín from Madrid  and illustrator Glenn Hilario from New York. The visual feast is supported by music mixed by Madrid’s hottest DJs who offer electronic, pop and house music.

MUSÉE Club consists of two large areas connected by a large central hall. Each room has a huge bar, both are perfect to display and promote products from the most demanding brands can also become decorative pieces to dress up a private event more personal. The EXPO bar has two spaces for displaying the latest in video art and graphics on video. Is completely covered with elegant black glass.

The area inspired VIP room of a museum exhibition has 4 large frames with photos of Robert Bartholot printed canvas and padded with Parolio design three-dimensional parts are transformed into becoming the sofas of this area.

In general > MUSÉE Club is an innovative new multipurpose space for the night in Madrid, which combines the best of club culture, and interior design with the most exciting new contemporary art. The latest trends of music: electronic, house, rock, mixed with the other arts in a real museum with high aesthetic, cultural and artistic. Photography, video art, installations, illustration and design make a unique MUSÉE Club in Madrid ready to inspire your senses and imagination.

source: TheCoolHunter

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2 responses

  1. Me tomo nota para cuando valla, es un sitio espectacular, tiene que ser una gozada estar allí, gracias por compartir, saludos

    April 24, 2012 at 12:33 am

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