Vintage Car Ads by Justin Van Genderen

A poster series dedicated to some cool cars from the 80’s. And one more set of Super Awesome illustrations by Justin Van Genderen,  a graphic illustrator and designer from Chicago, United States. This fellow will blow your mind away with his incredible talent and provocative illustrations of various styles and thematic. Simply, You have to love this guy!

The DeLorean – Time Machine featured in the Back to the Future trilogy

K.I.T.T. Knight Industries Two Thousand

Pursuit Special: as it appeared in Mad Max movie

Ethan Anderton Justin has every poster available for purchase now as: art prints, posters (which can even be purchased pre-framed) and canvas prints as well, all in various sizes. And be sure to check out the gallery of Justin’s expansive work in graphic design over at hisofficial website, too. Pretty cool, eh?

Justin Van Genderen’s official website: 2046design

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