Wanna Put Your Hand In The LHC’s Beam?

I just stumbled over the article where CERN scientists explain what would happen if you put your hand in the LHC’s beam! And guess what? You get into the Guiness Book of world records? Nope, sorry guys. Its probably the most weird question that scientist were answering about their work in this organization. 

Sure, concerns about the Large Hadron Collider creating a world-destroying black hole may have been more or less put to rest, but there’s still plenty of pressing questions that remain unanswered. The folks from Sixty Symbols recently asked some physicists that very question and got some rather puzzled responses, so they went straight to CERN itself to get a definitive answer. You can see that in full after the break, but the short version is that it’s something like the force of a moving aircraft carrier concentrated down to a laser-like one-millimeter-wide beam (accompanied by a wider beam of particles that would irradiate your entire body). Bad news. As they’re quick to point out, though, actually getting anywhere near the beam is virtually impossible.

Totally unexpected question for many experts but at the end we satisfy our curiosity. New challenge OPEN! Try it, stay alive and tell your grandchildren you met God in person.


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