Earth 2.0

Earth 2.0 is an ambitious wide-ranging media project that champions the transition towards sustainability that humanity is now being forced to make. Given that 7 billion people need to survive together under one biospherical roof, Earth 2.0 promotes a more symbiotic relationship between mankind and the rest of the biosphere and between different peoples. Earth 2.0 is confident that if hearts and minds unite and focus, human culture can be radically upgraded. Indeed, with wisely applied science and technology allied to new paradigms, new concepts and raised consciousness, the collective human spirit can create a healthy and sustainable future for all people.

The notion of Earth 2.0 as a much needed planetary upgrade was originally conceived of in the summer of 2009 by upcoming Brazilian film director/producer Frank Da Silva. Knowing he was on to something of great importance, Frank immediately set to work to get the Earth 2.0 project in motion. The basic outline of an Earth 2.0 documentary movie was set forth and investigations began on what information to utilise. At the end of 2009, the initial Earth 2.0 concept and structure was developed and honed with the help of writer Simon G. Powell, concept artist Alex Ward, and executive producers Nicholas Pilbrow and Dana Amma Day (detailed articles about the ongoing Earth 2.0 journey can be found in the blog). As of late 2010, the team are principally developing a high endEarth 2.0 TV series and a radical Earth 2.0 feature movie.

Earth 2.0 is fortunate to be working closely with talented cinematographer Mark Waters and, most recently, ace graphic artist/designer Mark Raimondeau. As the project   strengthens and continues to self-organise, the team aims to attract a growing number of scientists, artists and ordinary members of the public who recognise its value and can contribute in some way. To be sure, this exciting collaboration process has already started.

click for Earth 2.0 official website

Earth 2.0®’s premise is that the interchange of ideas through engagement, participation and interaction will motivate and inspire individuals and communities to deliver the change required to create a sustainable future.

Earth 2.0® aims to be experiential and enabling, promoting innovative and far-sighted possibilities, supporting the community to break the boundaries of conventional thought, and to promote the adoption of new developments.

Goal: Re-establish a harmonious relationship between humanity and nature, using art, science and digital creativity

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